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What is a 1080Pi?

1080Pi is an add-on for the Raspberry Pi. It is the only FULL HD 10 inch screen add-on currently on the market. We have sourced an excellent, ultra thin, light and energy efficient LCD touch screen featuring a WUXGA IPS panel and a responsive capacitive multi point touch screen. IPS (In Plane Switching) technology means that the viewing angles are second to none and the colour rendering is superb

As an alternative 1080Pi lite version will feature a 5 inch LCD with a resistive touch screen. This device has 800x480px panel, 24 bit colour and great contrast as well as industrial grade coating for reduced wear.

Why is it called 1080Pi?

Excellent question. 1080Pi is a combination of of 1080p and Pi. While it is fairly clear that the latter refers to the Raspberry Pi, it is not immediately obvious what 1080p actually has to do with this add-on? 1080p is one of the standards of HD TV and means that the particular device is capable of displaying in 1080 by (usually) 1920 pixels resolution. This is exactly what our mighty 10 inch screen is capable of - with it's WUXGA panel it is fully capable of displaying in 1080p format.

Are there any other features of 1080Pi

Most certainly there are. Amongst others we included a set of tactile switches attached to GPIOs so the users can program their own functions. We have added an I2C GPIO expander giving you 16 more GPIOS. Out of these 16 extra GPIOs there is 4 open drain ones with high current sinking capability (3A !!). You can use them to drive electric motors or other more power hungry devices. We have also mirrored Raspberry Pi's main connector so you can attach most of the available Raspberry Pi compatible add-ons. Last but not the least the 1080Pi is fully compatible with the latest RPi B+ and features an ID EEPROM enabling you to configure your Pi at start-up without user's intervention.

Release date

Another excellent question. We strongly believe in solid engineering supported by extensive testing. That said we also believe that in todays world with fierce competition we have to deliver new products quickly to market. Taking both into account as well as the fact that we started the development process only in June, we are aiming to be able to start shipping 1080Pis no later than in November 2014.

We will be launching a Kickstarter campaign in August. This is also when we will be able to give more accurate release date as well as RRPs.

1080Pi PCB top view

1080Pi prototype testing

Development timeline

Development update



Please spread the word and thank you for your suppport



1080Pi Assembled board for Raspberry Pi


We have just added a video - a simple rendering of the 1080Pi model. Please check it out and let us know what you think.


LCD frame/case design rendering

We are now making a few different style cases/frame for the LCD and will be sharing with you photographs as soon as we can. Until then we would like to show you a rendering of a "classic" case. Let us know what you think.

1080Pi Assembly rendering


1080 Pi boards are nearly ready for manufacturing

We have finished the layout of the 1080Pi and will be sending the PCB design for manufacturing and assembly by the end of this week. Fully assembled boards are expected to be with us by the end of July.

In the meantime we would like to share with you a 3D rendering of the assembled 1080Pi board with the Raspberry Pi B attached to it.

1080Pi PCB rendering


1080Pi very early prototypes are being tested now. We have successfully managed to get a full HD 10 inch touch screen to work with the Rpi model B. The results are superb – the screen is as expected razor sharp and colour rendering is excellent. We are also working on a lite version of the 1080Pi that will utilize a 5 inch screen with resistive touch screen and, similarly to its bigger 10 inch sibling, 24 bit colour rendering.

1080Pi prototype testing

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Documentation and downloads

Documentation and downloads

Raspberry Pi B+ files

3D model - update 15/07/2013

Raspberry Pi B+ 3d model

You can download the 3d files here:

To register for updates please click here or join us on Facebook and Twitter

Win a 1080Pi

Do you want to get your very own 1080Pi with a Full HD 10 inch LCD before it is even released

Here is how you can.

We are currently building first fully functional prototypes. Once we are happy with their performance we will build a few more and give away 3 full sets of 1080Pi boards with our signature 10 inch Full HD screens.

So what do I need to do to participate in this competition?

Well it is really simple. Between 21st of July 2014 and 15th of August 2014 you have to:

  • Like our Facebook page and/or
  • Follow us on Tweeter (@Intiinnovations)
What if you had followed or liked you before the above dates?

Don't panic. There are still other ways to participate in the draw.

  • Retweet one of our latest tweets
  • Share one of our latest Facebook updates
  • Mention us in one of you tweets (@Intiinnovations)
  • Tell us what you think about the 1080Pi in the comment section below
  • Come up with yet another way of spreading the word about 1080Pi and let us know about


#14 Rudy Boonstra 2014-10-21 00:42
I am sorry that this was not funded by Kickstarter crowdsourcing, but I am now looking forward to supporting this project directly. Please keep us posted. Thanks... Rudy
#13 James 2014-10-13 01:44
I'd like to know what's happening with this 1080Pi. When might we be seeing it?
#12 Mahantesh 2014-09-15 17:02
Is this available now?
#11 Uli 2014-09-12 19:04
#10 Wow. 2014-08-19 14:55
That means... a PROPER All-In-One without a trillion plugs and tape?
#9 Roger 2014-08-17 19:07
Quoting Inti Admin:
Quoting Roger:
will the screen be usable in sunlight? most laptops are not!

Yes it will as it's a high brightness LCD.

Brilliant! Pun not intended but inferred :lol: I am ready to support too.
#8 Inti Admin 2014-08-13 22:50
Quoting Roger:
will the screen be usable in sunlight? most laptops are not!

Yes it will as it's a high brightness LCD.
#7 Roger 2014-08-13 13:15
will the screen be usable in sunlight? most laptops are not!
#6 Thierry 2014-08-12 12:39
Loks great, i'm so impatient to try that products to finalize my domotic's project and his interface ^^
#5 Inti Admin 2014-08-12 09:36
Quoting Preston320:
When is the kickstarter going to begin? I'm ready to support!

Thanks very much. We are building the campaign now and it's looking like we will be launching it in the last week of August at the latest (aiming for 25th).

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