Inti Media for Beaglebone



Multimedia Friendly

Inti Media for Beaglebone is an expansion board specially designed to expand multimedia capability of Beaglebone by adding LCD connectivity via LVDS working with 10 inch LCD and parallel RGB for a small by mighty 5 inch 24 bit LCD. It is also the only expansion board for Beaglebone with both resistive and capacitive touch screen capability.

10 inch LCD with projected capacitive touch screen

10.1 inch WXGA (1280x800) LCD with projected capacitive touch screen, elegant bezel and our latest product - a specially designed frame that will not only make it extremely easy to install your LCD on an Inti Media board but also will make it look like a tablet (well at least from the top :)

5 inch LCD with resistive touch screen

5 inch WVGA (800x480) LCD with resistive touch screen, also featuring LED backlight and industrial grade coating and temperature range.

Just the right size

The board is designed to be just the right size. Measuring 160x146mm it is big enough to easily support 5 inch LCD. When bundled with 10.1 inch LCD an additional acrylic frame makes it very easy to mount both Inti Media and the LCD together.

Inti Media dimensions

Add-on boards

Do you need GPS for your project? Or perhaps motion sensors with gyro and accelerometers? We thought you might.

Inti Media will will let you connect a selection of add-on boards via dedicated expansion headers.

  • GPS board with built-in antenna or a high gain active external antenna. Both featuring cutting edge SiRF IV GPS engine. Optionally the board can be fitted with gyro and accelerometer sensors.
  • Tiny but mighty stereo speakers with an I2C connection for volume control.
  • Digital 5MP camera.

Inti Media explained

Inti Media explained

Inti Media explained

Tech Spec

Technical Specification


  • Width: 165mm
  • Depth: 146mm
  • Height: 16mm


  • Beaglebone:
    • 2 2x23 2.54mm general purpose headers
    • 1 2x5 2.54mm JTAG headers
  • Expansion
    • 2x10 2.54mm socket (3V3 I2C, 2xGPIO, UART, 3V3 and 5V)
    • 2x10 2.54mm socket (3V3 SPIO 4 x CS)
  • LCD (10 inch):
    • 2x10 2.00mm RA header - single channel LVDS.
    • 1x6 JST S6B - backlight power.
  • LCD (5 inch):
    • 1x40 0.50mm FFC connector - parallel RGB, backlight and touch.
  • Touch Screen
    • 1x4 1.00mm FFC - Resistive touch panel
    • 1x8 0.5mm FFC - I2C for capacitive touch panel.
  • Speakers:
    • 2 2x3 2.54mm socket I2C and power
    • Audio signal directly from pandaboard
  • Power:
    • Chassis socket - 5V center positive


10 inch LCD with projected capacitive touch screen

10.1 inch LCD with capacitive multitouch screen.

  • Manufacturer:AUO
  • Model:B101EW05
  • Type: LCD with touch screen and bezel
  • LCD technology: TN
  • Resolution: 1280x800px
  • Color depth: 18bits
  • Connectivity LVDS single channel
  • Touch technology: Projected capacitive multitouch
  • Touch controller: mXT 1386, I2C
  • Dimensions: 255x159mm (with bezel)
5 inch LCD with resistive touch screen

10.1 inch LCD with capacitive multitouch screen.

  • Manufacturer:Display Elektronik/Hannstar
  • Model:DEM 800480ETMH-PW-N
  • Type: LCD with touch screen
  • LCD technology: TN
  • Resolution: 800x480px
  • Color depth: 24bits
  • Connectivity Parallel RGB
  • Touch technology: Resistive 4-wire
  • Touch controller: -
  • Dimensions: 118x78mm

Add-on boards


GPS, gyro and accelerometer module

  • GPS with integrated or external active antenna
    • Acquisition sensitivity -148 dBm (autonomous)
    • Navigation sensitivity -160 dBm
    • Tracking sensitivity -163 dBm
    • 48 Channels
    • Cold start less than 35s, hot start 1s
    • Accuracy better than 2.5m
    • Connectivity via UART and SPI
  • Optional 3D Gyro sensor - SPI
  • Optional 3D Accelerometer - SPI