Inti Media

Inti Media for Pandaboard

Inti Media for Pandaboard

An expansion board for Pandaboard and Pandaboard ES specially design to add or expand the following functionality:

  • LVDS interface for LCD panels
  • 4 additional USB ports
  • 4 wire resistive touch panel controller
  • I2C connection for capacitive touch panel
  • user controller LED and push buttons
  • SPI, I2C and serial based peripheral

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Inti Media for Beaglebone

Inti Media for Beaglebone

NEW!!! Based on your choices we have created a new cape for Beaglebone. It features:

  • 5 inch LCD with resistive touch screen or
  • 10 inch LCD with capacitive touch screen
  • GPIO expander with selectable logic 3.3V or 5V
  • GPS functionality (with an add-on board)
  • Gyro and Accelerometer (with an add-on board)

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Inti Media for Raspberry

1080Pi - Inti Media for Raspberry Pi

COMING SOON!!! We are finally designing an Inti Media for an award winning Raspberry Pi!! The final functionality list is still to be released but to we already know it will have the following:

  • Full HD (WUXGA) 10" LCD
  • 5" alternative LCD
  • capacitive (10") or resistive (5") touch screen
  • User programmable push buttons and LEDs
  • Additional GPIOs
  • Single power supply
  • Additional 26 pins connector for add-on boards

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Inti Media FAQ

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