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LCD frame/case design rendering

We are now making a few different style cases/frame for the LCD and will be sharing with you photographs as soon as we can. Until then we would like to show you a rendering of a "classic" frame. The 1080Pi will be mounted in the back and all the connectors of the Pi will be fully accessible. Let us know what you think.

1080Pi Assembly rendering


1080 Pi boards are nearly ready for manufacturing

We have finished the layout of the 1080Pi and will be sending the PCB design for manufacturing and assembly by the end of this week. Fully assembled boards are expected to be with us by the end of July.

In the meantime we would like to share with you a 3D rendering of the assembled 1080Pi board with the Raspberry Pi B attached to it.

1080Pi PCB rendering


1080Pi very early prototypes are being tested now. We have successfully managed to get a full HD 10 inch touch screen to work with the Rpi model B. The results are superb – the screen is as expected razor sharp and colour rendering is excellent. We are also working on a lite version of the 1080Pi that will utilize a 5 inch screen with resistive touch screen and, similarly to its bigger 10 inch sibling, 24 bit colour rendering.

1080Pi prototype testing


Great news We have finally started designing an Inti Media add-on for the Raspberry Pi. Please watch this space for more details.


SATA for Pandaboard module finally released. The module is currently available for pre-orders only. It is expected to be in stock by the 21st of June and shipping will commence from the following Monday

BRAND NEW WEBSITE - we have completely revamped our website. Please have a look around and tell us what you think


A long overdue video of our multipoint capacitive touch screen in action


Multi-touch LCD has arrived

We finally have a 10 inch LCD with a capacitive multi touch screen. This is a fantastic 1280x800px AUO screen coupled with multipoint projected capacitive screen. The screen is controlled over I2C with the use of Atmel mXT controller. All Inti Media for Pandaboard boards are compatible with this screen.

We start taking pre-orders from now, for first deliveries in just 2 weeks. As always you get 10% discount for pre-ordered items.

GPS and motion modules

We are now testing GPS and motion modules (3D gyro and accelerometer). Everything looks promising and we should be able to offer these modules by the end of March. The gps engine is capable of tracking 48 channels, has a built in antenna and is capable of locking in 30s.

Completely revamped online store

We have responded to your feedback and changed our online store. It is now easier to navigate, equipped with the latest safety features and we hope you will like it.

As always feel free to send us your comments at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

And finally - new videos and tons of information on support site

Our support website is growing every day as the information and articles are added. We have also started uploading videos - both presentation and tutorials. The plan is to provide you with a new video at least one a week. An we have a new one coming very soon. Stay tuned and in the meantime visit and request an account.


A new Inti Media video

We have just published a new video with an Inti Media full kit in action


Inti Media for Pandaboard launched

Great news!
We kept our promise and launched Inti Media on the 6th of December. It was not without any difficulties. Last couple of days we were sorting out some minor issues with VAT calculation in our Online Store and it seemed that we were not going to finish all the test and load the content in time. But finished we did and in a very James Bond style just minutes before midnight.
As of 23:57GMT our Inti Media is available for purchase from our online store at:

The lead time for first 20ish units is relatively long and we are expecting to ship them by 10th of January.
As a small consolation we are now offering a 10% discount for all Inti Media products on long lead time.
So don' wait too long and grab yourself a bargain starting at 89GBP!!


Inti Media launch date announced

The launch date of long awaited Inti Media is 6/12/2012. 6th of December, St. Nicolas day, is in many countries a traditional gift bringing day. We have therefore prepared some special offers and gifts for that special day.

Initially we will only offer Inti Media for Panda Board, bundled with 10.2 inch resistive touch panel. As previously announced the range of feature will include:

  • LCD connectivity - 40 pin LVDS ready for 18 and 24 bits RGB displays
  • GPIO controlled multicolour LEDs and GPIO controlling push buttons
  • 4 additional USB connectors
  • header for an optional SATA controller
  • header for a range of optional boards
  • connector for stereo speakers

Similarly equipped Inti Media expansion boards for Beagleboard and Raspberry Pi will be offered in Q1 of 2013



Inti Innovations unveils product line-up and development roadmap for 2012/2013

Q4 will see a much anticipated release of new Inti Air. Initially Inti Air will be offered as scalable system for small and medium installations and will consist of call buttons and Inti hub. Range extending repeater will follow in 2013.

Inti Media, and innovative multimedia platform will be offered to customers also in Q4. Initially it will consist of a base board for PandaBoard and PandaBoard ES and feature:

  • LCD connectivity - 40 pin LVDS and parallel RGB
  • GPIO breakout connector
  • 5 user controlled LEDs
  • 5 user controlled push buttons
  • optional SATA controller with micro SATA connector
  • headers for optional boards

The base boards for other platforms - BeagleBone, BeagleBoard, Raspberry Pi and other will be gradually introduced in 2013.

Add-on boards compatible with all Inti Media base boards and will be on our offer from the end of Q4 and will feature:

  • stereo speakers board
  • camera and digital microphone board
  • GPS board
  • Accelerometer and gyro board

Along with our products we will offer carefully selected accessories, amongst which will be:

  • 10 inch touch screen TFT displays
  • PandaBoard modification kits
  • acrylic enclosures
  • and many more...